“Embodying Resilience and Possibilities”

Embodying Resilience and Possibilities

Introducing the Leadership Embodiment work of Wendy Palmer which offers methods for accessing a centered state of being in the midst of uncertainty.

Thursday July 30th 6-7:15pm
(Asia time-friendly)

Leadership Embodiment Description: This work is based on the principles of the revolutionary, non-aggressive Japanese martial art of Aikido, and Mindfulness. Through interactive exercises we explore recognizing our reactive habitual patterns when dealing with pressure and stress. We then learn to shift our attention with an embodied centering practice that accesses a state of being which offers a greater capacity to act with wisdom, confidence, and compassion. By being able to recognize our patterns and having the capacity to shift to a different state, we are able to be more resilient to the stresses and pressures that life throws at us

This class is offered on generosity. The generosity of sharing and the generosity of gratitude. Gratitude offerings can be sent through Venmo (@Paul-Ciske, paul@paulciske.com), Pay Paul Ciske using PayPal.Me (USD), Transferwise (Paul Everett Ciske, 510-912-5775)