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Resilience to Brilliance

  • Most comprehensive Open LE course online 
  • Excellent for deepening your current LE skills.

LEADERSHIP EMBODIMENT Online Learning Program 

(interactive learning platform featuring Wendy Palmer, Founder, and Tiphani Palmer recorded videos)

+ 7 “Live Dojo” group learning calls

(designed and led by Paul Ciske and Ched Lee, accredited Instructors)

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Pre-requisite recorded seminar: “Embodying Resilience to Brilliance” 

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For both beginners and those who have LE training

  • Do you only want to recover when derailed by stress, pressure and the unknown or fully actualize your potential?
  • Can you access your strengths while connecting with inclusivity and warmth?
  • Does your presence match your verbal message?
  • Are you in alignment with your highest values?  

This program offers tools and practices for recovering to a state of being we call “Center” that can access our innate wisdom, confidence and compassion when thrown off by stress, pressure and the unknown. The program does not stop there but offers further tools and practices for accessing our fuller potential for innovative and creative actions of body, speech and mind that can bring our intentions for good into the world. 

This all happens in a supportive atmosphere with others on a similar journey through interactive embodying practices and exercises. The reason we use the body is that it is a shortcut. Our reactivity of irritation, frustration, annoyance, fear, etc. shows up in the body before our conscious mind as contraction, tightening, constriction, etc. Changing the body is the fastest way of countering and reversing the reactive physiological responses to stress and pressure. Changing the body and focus also changes brain function and in turn how we relate with the world. Once we learn to connect with the centered state, we further train our capacity to access the resources and inspirations available to us for taking wise, skillful, innovative and creative action for actualizing our intentions.

Value: Priceless
Very Early Bird – $399 (NOTE: limited to 4 places)
Early Bird – $450
Regular – $550